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Aims and Scope

Bioarchaeology of the Near East (printed version ISSN 1898-9403, online ISSN 1899-962X) is published annually in one volume. The aim of the journal is to promote research on the history of human populations inhabiting South-Western Asia mainly Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia, Iran, and Egypt) and on interactions between humans and their environments in this region. It publishes original contributions in which methods of bioarchaeology (defined here as the research on human, animal and plant remains) are used to answer historical questions. Three kinds of texts are considered for publication: original papers, general review articles (especially those focussing on methodological issues), and short fieldwork reports. Papers of two first categories are subject to peer review.

The editors welcome contributions focusing on the ecological background of historical processes which took place in past populations in the region where most ancient civilisations of the Old World emerged. This includes large-scale studies e.g., on diet and nutrition, domestication of plants and animals, human migrations, temporal changes or regional differences in the quality of life, disease patterns, but also local studies or diagnostic case studies of distinguished individuals. Papers using not only biological, but also archaeological and textual evidence are particularly appreciated. For more effective exchange of information the journal also includes short fieldwork reports on biological remains excavated at archaeological sites located in the region of interest. The journal is indexed by Scopus, Google Scholar, ERIH+, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.


Arkadiusz Soltysiak
Dept of Bioarchaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland
email: a.soltysiak@uw.edu.pl or a.soltysiak@poczta.onet.pl
skype id: arkadiuszsoltysiak

Assistant Editors

Mindy C. Pitre
Department of Anthropology, St. Lawrence University
114 Piskor Hall, 23 Romoda Drive, Canton, NY 13617, USA
email: mpitre@stlawu.edu

Robert J. Stark
Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw
69 Prosta Street, 00-838 Warszawa, Poland
email: r.stark@uw.edu.pl

Editorial Board

Mette Marie Hald
Natural Science Research Unit, National Museum, Kopenhagen, Denmark

Tina Jakob
Department of Archaeology, Durham University, UK

Liora Kolska Horwitz
National Natural History Collections, The Hebrew University, Israel

Theya Molleson
Natural History Museum, London, UK

Simone Riehl
Institute of Archaeological Science, Tuebingen University, Germany

Friedrich W. Roesing
Faculty of Medicine, Ulm University, Blaubeuren, Germany

Nerissa Russell
Department of Anthropology, Cornell University, USA

Douglas H. Ubelaker
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA

Emmanuelle Vila
Archéorient CNRS UMR 5133, Lyon II University, France


Department of Bioarchaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland


The journal is available under Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0 licence.


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